Frozen Water.

Another West Coast tour in the bag. Just like that. Wise men, both current and ancient, often liken life to a stream. Or a river. A moving, flowing body of water. And often that image is nearly perfect. Nearly.

This winter tour felt more like the path of a snowflake, from it's inception (wherever the heck that happens) to it's gentle landing.

In other words, tour was cold and wet. And unique :)

Really though, it was very special. We played more shows than we ever have in a month and a half. We drove through pounding rain, white-out snow, mudslides, flooding, blinding fog, and a greener Los Angeles than ever before witnessed by Lumbercat. Our gear was wet, our van was getting real stanky....what were we thinking??

It was the time to do it. We men of Lumbercat are committing to this life. We quit our "day jobs" and hit the road at the same time. Which happened to be the middle of winter. But friends! There is no better time than the present to do what puts a bounce in your step, a sparkle in your eye.

This past 12 months has been a grand one for Lumbercat. We bought our very own van. Recorded for the first time in a real bonafide studio, (which was in Nashville, TN of all places). We travelled for fun and travelled for music. And we realized that music is truly what we want to do. For good. FOR. EV. ER.

So this little snowflake of ours, whispering along it's haphazard path, ain't settling down anytime soon. We're in the midst of some most excellent times currently. We sold our van and purchased a bus, which we're custom building ourselves to be our very own Tiny House Tour Bus (more information coming very soon). We've relocated to the great Pacific NorthWest for a few months, and will be playing shows all over those lands. And this summer is already shaping up to be a grand one filled with a lot of Lumbercat groove.

Thanks for being a part of our journey. Stay in the loop with us. We want to see you getting your jiggy on with us very soon.

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