Norman Rockwell in Mexico.

I'm on a boat, as they say. And by saying "I'm on a boat" as the intro to this blog post isn't some metaphorical statement to make a point or even a cheesy reference to an historical song. It's the reality of my current existence.

Joining me on this boat are fellow Lumbercat and blood brother Alex, and the co-owner of the boat, our good buddy Jordan Harder. The "Hasta Luego" is the name of the boat, and also a good motto for this current zone, a proverbial "peace out" to what some call real life. But what is real life?.....

So I'm on a 32ft sail boat on the western coast of Mexico. We arrived a week ago, boarded the boat in Melaque, enjoyed the quaint town for a few days, and then sailed/motored north to La Cruz, which is in the same bay as Puerto Vallarta. I've never done anything like this in my life. Ever. Surrounded by water, sleeping in a craft that rocks me to sleep, having to worry about little else then beans, rice, and maybe dry clothes for the town run. Maybe. I've camped in a snow cave in Lassen, jogged non-stop through the night in Yosemite, even slept in a hammock on various beaches in Puerto Rico for a week. My point isn't to make myself sound cool. My point is this. It all feels pretty normal. Norm dog. Norman Rockwell, as Jordan often exclaims.

It almost feels wrong, slipping into this new reality with little resistance: my normalization period was almost non existent. But why not? I hear too many blessed souls tell me to "do it while I'm young." Ok, great. I will! But I'll also do it when I'm old. And middle aged. We just met a gentleman from Seattle who was an asset manager for the likes of Bill Gates and his pals. This guy was overseeing $1 billion worth of property. Two of his friends died in the same year he had a heart attack. That was more than enough to set him on a different life path. So now, he lives with his wife and teenage daughter on a 47ft sail boat. They're in Mexico today, maybe Panama next year, they don't know. Or care! The "normal" of the rat race became a poison, so their normal is now a beautiful, stress free experience. Remember when you stepped into the hallway of your high school the first day of senior year, expecting fireworks and this sense of being top dog? But then you realized you didn't feel any different, and life still included homework and bullies? That's the feeling I'm sharing. Taking a look back at life, shouldn't I feel something about being in a touring indie rock band? Or sailing Central America? But it doesn't have that romantic feeling I expected. Which is to tell you that life is life. It normalizes.

What's my point. Maybe to brag a little about me, sure, but we all brag. It's why things like blogs and Facebook are successful. But really, my point is to share that alternate, far-off realities can easily and quickly become tangible, really-real realities. Grab a backpack and a cheap flight to that friend who lives a crazy adventure and join them. Maybe even indefinitely. Life is life, and that "crazy adventure" can be just as normal as sitting around watching Netflix. But I promise you it will be so much more rewarding. You know what you need, so grab life by the norm!

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