The King and I.

What makes home so special? Is it the unique attachment? The people? Location? Quincy, my hometown, is special. Sure, I was bred here. Made friends here, lasting memories, so on. But Quincy has something else to make it special. Heart is it? Soul?

The West End Theater in Quincy ( is running The King and I, the classic musical of clashing cultures, battling philosophies, and the such. Imagine The Sound of Music set in Asia. This was my first time watching The King and I, and by golly! It was incredible! These guys nailed it! Sure, I've acted alongside much of the cast in past years. I grew up with them, was taught by some of their moms in high school even. But these factors didn't effect the magic of the performance I watched. It was a great play because of the heart behind the acting, the soul behind the songs, and the conviction behind each gag. It was hilarious! The costumes incredible! I was blown away. As always, Terry Gallagher did an amazing job directing, and the quality shone through. And in none other than Quincy, no less.

What enhanced my dramatic experience even more was the "typical" Quincy summer day I had. The morning was spent hiking and rock climbing in the Bucks Lake Wilderness with friends I've had since I was seven years old. The smoke from distant fires embraced me in the quintessential scent of a Quincy summer. Being a Thursday, the all-important Farmer's Market stop brought familiar faces and necessary re-connections as it always does. Finally, the capstone of the day, local theater at its very finest, as if to flaunt our ability to rival even Ashland in class and taste, just at the King of Siam does to the British envoy. It was a day that I wish I could have shared with a visitor, just to share a taste of Quincy. Oh wait! I did! Our friend Sam from Mendocino, who we met at High Sierra Music Festival this year, was our guest of honor for the whole shabang.

Who knew Quincy was so vibrant, so colorful and lovely? Well, we all know, in fact. This is a town with heart and soul. A town that is indeed special. It's a gem of pristine nature, of golden people, dynamic arts, etc, etc, etc....

I'm proud to call it home.

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