The Hat.

Anticipation for the adventure that lies ahead this summer has been mounting steadily for me. The music, the places, the friends, the starvation. When I rationally think about Lumbercat embarking on a 4 month long summer tour, which is also our first ever tour, yeah, it sounds nuts. #whatever.

Preparation for this summer has been overshadowed by one burning, incredibly important question: which hat do I take this summer. It sounds mundane, buts it's a big deal! It needs to be something with meaning and purpose, but not something I'm afraid to get dirty and beat up on the road. #sowhatifmybrainworksfunny

The hats I possess are good, but none met all the criteria, so I was getting a tad nervous. Until I found The One. #loveatfirstsightisreal

I'm spending the next couple weeks as an Outdoor Ed instructor in Yosemite National Park, and the other day I was thrift shopping in the lovely town of Oakhurst. As I was walking out of the last store of the day, I hesitated opening the door when I saw there were some hats hanging on it. I paused, glancing at the options. Meh. Just typical thrift store hats. Then it happened. My eyes settled on it. Red, bright, colorful, 90's to the extreme. My heart stopped. I picked it up. No. This can't be real. It actually says Yosemite Logging Co. on it??? Hands trembling, I brought the treasure to the lady. She asked for $1. I was ready to give her the contents of my wallet! Go into slave labor for her! Whatever it took to take home this masterpiece! And all she wanted was $1!!! #thriftstores4life

If I had to pick one object to summarize what I hope this summer to be, it's this hat. Cheerful, bright, an emphasis on hard work and the outdoors, and a tacky rememberance of past decades. That is Lumbercat. We're a couple days from finishing our Kickstarter, which is focused on making our summer tour a reality, and you can find the link on Here's to adventure, music, and some serious good times. And please, for the love of Pete, support your local thrift stores!


Emmanuel of Lumbercat

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