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“Lumbercat is the band I never knew I needed in my life, but now that I’ve heard them, I have to listen to at least once a week…I rarely say concerts are better done than a studio album, but unless you…have seen them live, you will never really know Lumbercat.” -Ariella Laichas-Malamud –

"We love this band of musicians and brothers and friends. Their energy is infectious and their talents vast and surprising at every turn… they never lose that youth-filled promise that makes them accessible to audiences of all ages. We have loved them because they support and respect the roots of community from where they came. You will love them because they will make you feel like family." -Roxanne Valladao - Executive Director, Plumas Arts


"Lumbercat is a special gem in the music community.  You'd be hard pressed to find a group of musicians that make your feel like your old friends, sitting at a warm meal during the holiday season. While enjoying one of their performances you'll instantly want more.  More of their music. More of their personalities. "  -Aaron Diello - Joshua Fest, Director


 about Lumbercat:

Inspired by the soulful tones of the analog era, Lumbercat unlocks the smooth, funky moves you throw down when no one’s watching. Groovy like Dr. Dog with the grit of Alabama Shakes, Lumbercat is well-rounded like a fresh garden tomato. They are raw like Cake, with a pleasant aftertaste of The Doors. 


Lumbercat brews a musical energy that will draw you in and make you feel good. They’re the kind of guys that want you to feel good. Longtime brothers and best-friends living in Reno, NV, it’s been said that the band shares more chemistry than Luke and Princess Leia before the big reveal. 

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