“These guys have more chemistry than any of my relationships”  -A Lumbercat fan 

Lumbercat is a five-piece troupe of sonic bards hailing from the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. Blending groovy 70’s inspired rock ‘n’ roll with indie soul and a touch of funk, Lumbercat is fantastically expansive and viscerally enjoyable. Their buttercream vocals, soul-nourishing organ, spine-tingling brass, and get-your-booty-moving percussion form a richness of sound that awakens the spirit to a Lumbercat energy that’s as fresh, impressive and old school as the happy rivers and big timber from which they come.  


The multitalented group of brothers and friends formed Lumbercat in 2015, after having played together in jazz and folk rock groups through high school and college. Shortly after recording their first EP, “Live at the Camp House,” in Chattanooga, TN, they took to the road on a massive four-month West Coast tour through Texas, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. They lost count of the number of venues they played, but it was clear that everywhere they went, eager-eyed music fanatics celebrated Lumbercat’s revival and expansion of a sound, tone, and energy that too many have given up for dead.


As testament to their intense work ethic and palpable skill, Lumbercat finished their completely independent inaugural tour with enough funds to buy multiple celebratory burritos and to help finance time in the studio. After working through the summer and fall of 2016, Lumbercat released “Extended Play” in early 2017.  The album was recorded live at The Brown Owl in Nashville, TN, and features in each distinct track the diverse, eclectic style and raw talent that has captured the attention of an eager following spanning from the Southeast to the Pacific Northwest.  


The successful reception of “Extended Play” put the band on the road for two independent West Coast tours in 2017, both of which were received with such excitement by venues and fans alike that another tour was requested for the fall. Now with four West Coast tours under their collective belt, Lumbercat is taking time away from touring to  develop more of their unmatched music. Their next EP is expected to be released by the end of 2018. Ever in demand, Lumbercat is already booking select shows through the winter and spring.